Lazy Weekend

It was nice to enjoy the early morning sun and afternoon
shade during our lazy weekend. Here are some pictures
of Hunter and Storm playing and resting on the cool tile
next to the AC vent. That is by far Storm’s favorite spot
in the house.

Hunter’s coat is starting to look nice and shiny again.
I switched his food, added a little oil, and bathe him
about once a week to get rid of the dead and damaged hair.
Stormy has a lovely coat. Thick undercoat and dark
deep black color.

Dayl updated the Aurigan website today. Which is a collaboration
of several ‘kennels’ including mine.

This summer is going by so quickly.

Hunter and I will be at the Enumclaw, WA show in a couple weeks and then a one day show in Redmond, WA. I am having such a good time showing this boy – even if we werent winning, he is still just fun to show and play with. Dayl and Pam are his breeders and they are very pleased with how he and his sister Meme (back in NC) are turning out.


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