Just Dandy

Everything has been just dandy here. We had our first thunder and lightning storm last night that really shook the house. The dogs didnt’s seem to notice. In fact, I think they were sleeping through it when I went downstairs to get my cell phone (power went out and I needed an alarm!)
Pretty hot here. Jesse got the new and improved permanent dog shelter up a couple months ago and it has really paid off this summer.

Hunter is now 32 lbs at 8 months old, and Stormy is 18 lbs at 6 months old.
It sounds like Kaci might be here this weekend with Velvet. Velvet used to live here while Hunter was a little puppy. They will probably all play until they pass out!

Storm (black/tan tri girl seen here) is still available to a companion home.

I am very excited to announce that one of the LE x Magic puppies will be coming to grow up here in September (when we can fly the dogs again). I miss LE but it will be nice to have a daughter here to play with!

It looks like there will be enough dogs at the Enumclaw, WA show to have 2 points (if all show up) and Redmond, WA has a 3 point major in dogs! So wish Hunter and I luck 😉


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