Just Being

Since I am stuck at home being sick, I figured I could do some catch-up.

I have started hiking up Badger Mountain (for anyone who lives near ‘real’ mountains, Badger Mt is really just a big treeless hill) as a way to loose weight and boost my cardio. I am going with my friend Kris, but Jesse plans to join us sometime. Hunter went with us one day, but I probably wont take him much more since he slowed us down. He wants attention from everyone and has to pee on everything… boys will be boys.

Ellyn is doing well too. She is learning the importance of free-stacking and showing teeth. She has discovered socks and apples. She has also been banned from the laundry room… 😉 Even though the sock gets taken away, she follows me to where I put the sock, and promptly grabs another and makes a run for it… hahaha. Well, now the game is up and door stays shut. The pictures of her here are at almost 5 months.

Also, anyone looking for Cardigan puppies – there are three littermates to Ellyn available to approved companion homes. Click here to connect to the Claymore website. They are in Missouri/Kansas area.

Next show is in Salem, OR and it looks like there are 2 points in dogs and a 3 pt major in bitches. Lets hope everyone shows up! Dayl’s Harley x Dotty puppy ‘Phantom’ makes her debut at this show. Ellyn wont be old enough to show until the December Vancouver, WA show.

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