Busy Life

Busy is probably an understatement.
My grandmother (mom’s mom) went into the hospital I work at for a quadruple bypass four days after my brother’s wedding. She was released today and all is going well after a very rocky post-sugery experience. What a relief!
Dayl came by with the puppies for the eval since I was playing hostess to my mom’s family during grandma’s hospital stay. What a NICE distraction puppies are during times of crisis.
Hunter and Celestine Blue

Trichrome and Celestine in a hole that Celestine created

Hunter got de-barked. We got a nasty note in the mail from neighbors saying he was barking non-stop. However, the times/days they said it was him he wasnt outside (we have a neighbor dog who sounds a lot like him) but since he was getting targeted as the culprit I just had it done. He does do his fair share of barking, and he is loud. I dont like leaving bark collars on all day when I am not home. Scares me to death. I really dont need a fine from the city. So far it sounds like the de-bark worked.
Jesse has been practicing with a new band for the last month, staying out really late and often, but they had their first gig this past Friday – which was AWESOME. I was so proud of him. He plays rhythm guitar in a band called Sugarbush.

Jesse playing rhythm guitar


I had an appointment for consultation for my heart issues. Uck. Talk about anxiety. I have an electrical pathway that gets screwed up sometimes and causes extreme tachycardia (fast heartbeats) that ends up putting me in the ER. I am working on getting it fixed.
And then we were in Dayton, WA for All Wheels Weekend which is a car show/demolition derby/cruise weekend. Jesse drove in the demo, my EP cardiologist told me no, I couldn’t drive this year. My past demo experience is on a past blog entry.

Jesse in the 23 car

The puppy evaluation went well. Once I figure out what puppy I will be getting I will post pictures 😉 – Deciding between Celestine (blue girl) and Trichrome (black boy) for different reasons…


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