Enumclaw Show Weekend

Congrats to all the winners this weekend at Enumclaw!
I don’t have the catalog with me, so I will try to do my best here…

Friday night at the B-Match, Miss Bella (Aurigan Dunes Celestine Blue) got a Group 2! Dayl said she looked like a bowl of jello running around the ring. She has A LOT of skin to grow into. I was very happy with her performance – even tho she cant hold still to save her life… 😉

Saturday Results
LE (Kennebec Dunes Limited Edition) went 2nd in Open
Phantom (Aurigan MP Primary Attraction) went 1st in 12-18mo bitch and RWB
Brecca (Rememberance Brecca) went 4th in Open
Savannah (Wofrun White Lightning) was WB/BOS for a 3pt major which finished her.
Dash (Coedwig’s Cracker Jack) was 1st/WD/BOW for a 3pt major also.
Lincoln (Ch. Pawcific Signed Sealed Delivered) was BOB

Sunday Results under Judge R. Frost
Phantom went 1st in 12-18 mo and RWB
Brecca went 3rd in Open
LE was on some concoction of speed and/or caffeine and therefore was not given a ribbon. She was such a spaz! A happy, effervescent, over-the-top, adrenaline-took-over-her-body-and-mind spaz… (Just kidding about the speed or caffeine… that was a joke!)
Mirage was 1st/WB/BOW for a 3 pt major which finished her too!
Ruby was BOB
Lincoln was BOS

Hunter went for the CERF clinic and is all normal there. Another health clearance down! He did get to participate during grooming time too, since he seemed left out and bored…

Onto Wenatchee in a month. Good luck to all at Redmond next weekend.


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