Grandma’s Garden

Jesse and I packed up the dogs and headed to Grandma’s house for the weekend. Jesse’s mom (aka Grandma) has a fabulous garden in which we took bell, banana and habanero peppers, tomatoes and onions out of for homemade salsa today. Wow, my hands are pruney from the juices!
The dogs had fun scouting out the garden. They discovered a hole under the garage (as seen behind Hunter) that held their attention for awhile. Nothing in there – but it was recently disturbed.
Hunter has started herding lessons! Once he got all the piss and vinegar out of his system, he listened well and got to business. Thanks to Denise Waiting for helping me get with Lisa for lessons!
I am also SO excited about doing the Canadian shows again. I really like the fact that they are smaller shows, and they do the group judging as soon as the group is finished, rather than waiting until most of the breeds are done and doing one group at a time. And, usually, the same judge does the whole group. Therefore, the group judging goes quicker because the judge has seen all of the dogs. I know why that isn’t feasible in the US (too many dogs, pro handler schedules, etc), but that is why I like showing in Canada.

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