Wenatchee Show

Wenatchee KC Show Results:
Saturday 09-12-09 Judge Dr. Ruby Hertz
Notzmo Giant Dancer at Stonelight aka Caleb – WD/BOS 1pt
Aurigan MP Primary Attraction aka Phantom – WB/BOW 1pt
Kennebec Dunes Limited Edition aka LE – RWB

Sunday 09-13-09 Judge Anitra Cuneo
Notzmo Simon Sez aka Simon- RWD
Kennebec Dunes Limited Edition aka LE – RWB

Denise Waiting’s Ruby was BOB both days GP 3 Saturday, not sure about today.
Kay and Glen Garrity’s girl Bella was WB today
Cant remember Denise’s boy’s name – he went RWD Sat, and WD/BOW/BOS today.

Dayl and I helped show the two Notzmo boys, who were very good for only meeting us once! They can be seen at http://www.wagginthedog.blogspot.com/ . I love showing new dogs. It’s challenging and fun. Especially puppies. I was also very happy with LE’s performance, even tho she didnt get the big wins. I am just glad she put in a good showing – no ‘energizer-bouncing-bunny’ routine. It makes a big difference when they are steady and focused.

Another AWESOME part of my weekend was the B-Match…
Aurigan Dunes Celestine Blue aka Bella at 4 1/2 months went BOB, and Group 1 under Lorrie Bellah. Its always fun to win prizes, get the puppies some experience, AND get recognition for having a nice puppy. I hope she continues to blossom into all her potential. Her brother Maksim looks to be growing up nicely too. 😉

Hunter is doing well in his agility class. Not sure when he will be ready for actual trials tho.


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