Ever Had A Week

Have you ever had a week where you just wished you would have stayed in bed? Here are just some tidbits of what happened this week: *Tried to make dinner yesterday and it just all went horribly wrong. (Under cooked chicken and bad cheese) So wrong we threw it out. Gross.*Bella ate some of the … Continue reading

Busy Life

Busy is probably an understatement. My grandmother (mom’s mom) went into the hospital I work at for a quadruple bypass four days after my brother’s wedding. She was released today and all is going well after a very rocky post-sugery experience. What a relief! Dayl came by with the puppies for the eval since I … Continue reading


Ok, I know I live in ‘the desert’ but come on… 80 degrees today?! We were 30s and 40s last week, and now 70s? Dont get me wrong, I am loving it! – but what happened to spring? I guess we are just moving right on thru. In other news, my dogs are starting to … Continue reading

Favorite Authors

I have been on a reading frenzy lately. I believe this is due to the snow, the rain, and overall grayness of my world these past few months. Dayl, Pam, Terry and I all enjoy sharing books and new authors with each other. Here are some authors I find simply delightful. Diana Gabaldon – http://voyagesoftheartemis.blogspot.com/ … Continue reading