Hawaiian Adventure


Win, Snow, and Happy B-Day To Me

First off, it was a mistake to figure that the weather would be as nice in Boise, ID as it has been here in the Tri-Cities. That being stated, I did not pack warm enough clothes. Jesse and I left for Boise Wednesday night, and had a fun weekend showing off both of the dogs. … Continue reading

Labor Day Trip

We went to Dayton for Labor Day weekend this year. My husband’s family came together to help each other cope with the loss of my husband’s grandpa. Velvet and Hunter had a splendid time together. I had Velvet from puppyhood until she was about 9 months old. She was a show prospect until we noticed … Continue reading

Hell’s Canyon Trip

Hell’s Canyon is the Snake River canyon bordering Idaho/Washington/Oregon. It has it’s lovely name for a reason. It gets really hot. Hell’s Canyon is well known for jet boat tours up the Snake River among other things. My dad John, brother Brian, Brian’s girlfriend Nikki, and I were up there for a short vacation while … Continue reading