Herding Pics

Hunter ‘patiently’ waiting his turn – yeah right… what is patience? Hunter gives Ellyn some advice, “Come on, this is how you do it!” Ellyn figures it out… quickly!Piece of cake mom! Hunter controls the ‘smaller lighter’ sheep with ease! Hunter looks like a cutting horse with those quick turns! Hunter got the ‘heaviest and … Continue reading


I think I am about to become addicted to herding. Both Hunter, Ellyn, Dotty, and Beatrys all passed their HIC and HCT tests today at Ewe-Topia in Roy, WA. I will get pictures up as soon as I have some… Each dog had 3 sheep to herd in a small corral area. We took the … Continue reading

Herding weekend

I am so excited for my weekend plans! Dayl and I are taking Hunter, Ellyn, Dotty and Beatrys to a herding trial Saturday morning. For those interested here is the website: http://www.twincountyschutzhundclub.com/Upcoming_Events.htmlHopefully, we will be successful at obtaining the HIC – Herding Instinct Capability and then the HCT – Herding Capability Tested titles. I think … Continue reading

Next Stop, Nationals!

Am/Can Ch. Aurigan Dunes National Treasure

Oh Canada

ANNOUNCING!!!New AM/CAN Ch. Aurigan Dunes National Treasure!!! Results for 2-27-09Hunter WD/BW/BOB/ pulled in groupEllyn WB/BOS/Best Puppy Results for 2-28-09Hunter WD/BOSBeatrys WB/BW/BOB/Herding Group4/ Herding Group Best Bred ByPhantom RWB/Best Puppy Results for 03-01-09Hunter WD/BW/BOB – FINISHED!!Beatrys WB/BOS/Herding Group Best Bred By/ BEST BRED BY IN SHOW!!Phantom RWB/Best Puppy Pictures to come as we get them 😉 … Continue reading