Am GCH/Can CH/Int CH. Aurigan Dunes National Treasure, AOM HCTs

CH. Phi-Vestavia Koltrain x Am/Can/Int CH. Aurigan Mantle Out Of Thing Air, HCTs

Hunter wins Breed and Herding Group 3!

Thank you Judge Virginia Lyne

**Hunter is now retired from the show ring and closed to outside breedings. We might make it out for a specialty or two though.

**News Flash**Hunter is closing in on his GCH bronze

**News Flash**Hunter gets an Award Of Merit at the 2012 CWCCA National Specialty under Judge Margaret Heaney!!! Shown by one of his breeders, Dayl Phillip. Hunter kids place in both Sweepstakes and Regular classes!!

Color/sex: Brindle male

Breeders: Dayl Phillip and Pam Bennett

Owners: Yolanda Loveland and W. York-Patten

Health clearances: OFA Hips GOOD, OFA Elbows Normal, CERF Clear, PRA Tested Clear N/N, DNA Fluff Clear N/N, DNA DM Clear N/N, DNA Hyperuricosuria Clear N/N, Pink tested EE Clear, Dudley Brown tested BB Clear, OFA Cardic Clear

Hunter is my loyal companion. He is ever so sweet, smart, and enthusiastic about life. There is nothing we have tried that he hasnt given his all for. Started in herding and agility, he excels wherever I point him. And just look at those health clearances!!!  Hunter has a fabulous Cardigan temperment, in the house, show ring, and in public. Hunter’s kids are proving to have that special something as well!


Click here to be redirected to Hunter’s pedigree

Show record
  • Ranked Third in Canada 2009, 2012, Ranked 4th in Canada 2011 – both for breed
  • Multiple Best of Breed winner in AKC, CKC and INT competition
  • Multiple Group Placings
  • Best Of Breed over 20+ Specials at the 2009 Richland Supported Entry, total entry of 50+
  • Award Of Merit at the 2012 CWCCA National Specialty
  • Multiple Best Of Breed wins at Supported Entries and Specialties
  • Award of Merit at the 2013 CWCCSC Regional Specialty
  • Top 10 Cardigan 2013

Hunter wins BIG in Kennewick, WA, NWCF Supported Entry –

total Cardigan entry of 44

Thank you Judge Jacqueline Stacy

*See Hunter’s Kids Page !*

“Harley” Am/Int Ch. Aurigan Thunder Rolls, CD RN CGC at 8 years old and his grandson “Hunter” Am/Can/Int Ch. Aurigan Dunes National Treasure, HCTs at 2 1/2 years old in Kennewick, WA 2010

AOM2012bHunter making a move at the 2012 CWCCA National Specialty show – Award of Merit winner with breeder, Dayl Phillip of Aurigan

Thank you Judge Margaret Heaney

HunterBOB012013Hunter wins BIG in Portland, OR – total Cardigan entry of 29

Thank you Judge Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine


Hunter wins an Award of Merit at the CWCCSC Regional Specialty

Thank you breeder Judge Vivian Moran


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