Lots of Exciting People News

Our families have had a lot to celebrate as of late.Jesse’s sister Kaci who has Velvet just added another dog-child. Callie is an English springer spaniel puppy.I would like to congratulate Jesse’s step-sister Lora on her marriage to Chris this past weekend, to another one of Jesse’s step-sisters Jamie and her husband Des on their … Continue reading

Just Being

Since I am stuck at home being sick, I figured I could do some catch-up. I have started hiking up Badger Mountain (for anyone who lives near ‘real’ mountains, Badger Mt is really just a big treeless hill) as a way to loose weight and boost my cardio. I am going with my friend Kris, … Continue reading

Win, Snow, and Happy B-Day To Me

First off, it was a mistake to figure that the weather would be as nice in Boise, ID as it has been here in the Tri-Cities. That being stated, I did not pack warm enough clothes. Jesse and I left for Boise Wednesday night, and had a fun weekend showing off both of the dogs. … Continue reading

Pics Of The Puppy

We have decided that we like the name “Ellyn” for the puppy. We took her out for a more formal leash training today. She did very well. Hunter went with and helped get her going some. But, mostly she did it all on her own… good girl.For a 16 week old puppy, she is exhibiting … Continue reading