Canada Pics


Sweet Days In Canada

Results For Friday 2-20Ellyn WB/Best Puppy/ Best Puppy In Herding GroupHunter WD/BOW/BOB Results For Saturday 2-21Ellyn RWB/ Best Puppy / Best Puppy In Herding GroupHunter WD/BOW/BOB / Herding Group 3Beatrys WB/ BOS/ BBE Phantom and Ellyn participated in Sweepstakes Saturday as well. Phantom placed 4th in her senior puppy class of about 9 and Ellyn … Continue reading

Favorite Authors

I have been on a reading frenzy lately. I believe this is due to the snow, the rain, and overall grayness of my world these past few months. Dayl, Pam, Terry and I all enjoy sharing books and new authors with each other. Here are some authors I find simply delightful. Diana Gabaldon – … Continue reading

Ellyn 8 months

Ellyn : 8 months old, 23ish lbs