Lynden Show Results & Puppies

Lynden, WA Saturday 5-22 Results Judge D. Bolus BOB – Ch. Shadowalk Higgins BOS/BOW/WB – Aurigan Mantle Eye Candy RWB – Spotted Fox Coedwig Clover WD – Coedwig’s Big Baloo RWD – Notzmo Giant Dancer At Stonelight Lynden, WA Sunday 5-23 Results Judge C. Moser-White BOB- Ch. Shadowalk Higgins BOS/BOW/WB – Aurigan Dunes Celestine Blue … Continue reading

About Face

Five week faces. Full of puppy mush, dirt, and other things we dont want to think about. They were sleeping and I woke them up for these pictures. I dont feel bad though. They wake me up about 3-5 times a night. Paybacks… 😉 The weather here is horrid and I didnt want to take … Continue reading

4 Weeks Old

Mother’s Day Weekend Puppies

A Surprise In The Mail

Jesse opened the mail today and was pleasantly surprised to find this certificate! Out of all the Cardigans that showed in Canada last year, Hunter was the third most winning Cardigan! I knew he had done well, but I wasnt expecting this high of a placing. Our move (or kind of move) and the new … Continue reading