Bella’s Birthday Picture

Aurigan Dunes Celestine Blue – Bella is a year old! She isnt a puppy anymore. Wiccan took these great pictures! Bella and a Striker x Beatrys puppy I dont really think Bella was asleep, she was just ignoring the puppy 😉 Advertisements

Pups Day 13

All photos taken by W. York-Patten of Cardigan Complex Blog Thanks! These little bundles of snuggles are starting to open their eyes and get more mobile. We are loving the bone and beautiful heads on these puppies so far. Nice little fronts too. 😉

Puppies Day 11

Look how big we are already! Yawn! Hunter Jr… aka Joker Black boy Percy Jackson and red brindle Wisteria Percy Jackson and Jaina Snuggly Puppies! Fate and Tarot

Snuggles Day 7-8

6 Days Old